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Our nation has plummeted into a chasm of bleakness hallmarked by relativism and humanism which has been fueled by an organized campaign to remove God and His Word from every facet of American society.  Our nation has wandered far from our God-centered heritage and many of our citizens have turned from the principles of civility, responsibility and accountability.  In this time of moral  indifference and reckless irresponsibility, Warren Christian Apologetics Center stands as a beacon pointing the way back to the reality that there is a God and He and His Word are the only firm foundation on which a nation and its people can stand.  May God bless your efforts as you strive to turn our nation back to its moral and spiritual heritage."

Robert Stephens, Ed.D.
President, Bernard McDonough Foundation
former President, Ohio Valley University
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God in American History
God in American History
Speech given during First Session of 97th Congress, April 27, 1981
By the late Senator Robert C. Byrd
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